This evening my cell phone alarm went off three times
to forewarn us about the coming tornado.

Usually the family avoid television and radio
due to unnecessary exposure to the outside world.

However, we evacuated to the basement listening to the radio on tornado information.

We saw it scarcely touch down under the dark sky beyond the horizon.
Fortunately, it passed by two miles away from our place, towards Green county.

Certainly, this is not Oklahoma, though the basement is indescribable for a rainy day.
Nobody could predict the current weather concerns:

all these tornadoes, floods, and violent squalls occurring due to the effect of global warming.
Today’s extraordinary risks of catastrophe may be the rewards for man-made disasters,
such as deforestation of the Amazon, the hole in the ozone layer
and the greenhouse effect from air pollution.

We have to listen seriously to the voices of nature.