Organized photos and editing portfolios…
My blog was sleeping…
I’ve also lost the scratch book where I save my scribbles.
In the meantime, the new year has begun.

Come to think of it, one of my most powerful memories was
my surprise at seeing the children’s hair colors.
I was out of the country for a while in the midsummer
The eldest son, who had been a brunette, had turned blonde,
The third and fourth sons’ brilliant blonde had faded and lost its shine.
I have never seen such sun coloring in Florida, so they must work and play well in the open air.
Girls with scarfs and bonnets were not noticeable.
It showed just how strong the direct sun of midsummer was, in the clean air
and how much they enjoyed summertime.

However, to me, it seemed to be just part of the lovely growing process.
Indeed, summer always brings unforgettable memories
like a glittering and murmuring brook.