Late Fall in Ohio


*Late Fall in Ohio, November, 1, 2017

Here in Ohio in late fall, harvest time is over.
The soy bean fields have turned into vast empty plains and cone fields only contain stalks.

After mowing overgrown weeds along the country roads, small children raked the fallen maple leaves in their gardens, then covered their vegetables gardens with them, and with hay, to act natural mulch.

Under the paper lantern dancing in the breeze, the people sitting on the straw chairs, surrounded by a fresh pastoral smell, enjoyed watching boys squeezing apple cider from over 200 chunks of apples, using an old-fashioned juicer.
The sweet aroma of apples, hot doughnuts, sandwiches, french press coffee filled the air.  The American tradition continues, as it has done for many years.  The guests enjoyed pleasant talks, blessed with the lovely Indian summer.

That annual fall festival for the family was over in October, and the simple life seems to be waiting quietly for Thanksgiving, to give thanks to God and Mother Nature.


With the family, I will visit the Hutterite communities in Minnesota shortly.
Returning from the photo-shooting trip, the events of Thanksgiving and Advent seem to show how time flies so fast.

I will remember the bright summer days among fresh green leaves at the fireplace, and feel the passing time in the fragrant serenity, surrounded by my favorite citrus scent, appreciate the peace and calm, and pray my beloved ones and extended family.