June Bride

After leaving the Hutterite, Dave was a success as a lawyer and now businessman.
The couple, Dave and Kathy, have already nine biological children, and moreover,
they adopted six orphans from Ethiopia.

Their story is beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

Today a girl, one of the adopted six, is getting married
to a son of the couple’s friends, Dan & Beth.
The Harris family are good friends with those families.

The bride, Eli, met the groom, Ian,
when his younger sister died of a brain tumour when she was only 15 years old.

When the groom felt overwhelmed with grief,
the bride was close to him and shared his feeling.

– Two hearts once joined in friendship, united now with love –

Certainly, life is a sprawling drama without a script.

Verdant hill In Wisconsin, June bride, Eli, and groom, Ian, surrounded by pretty fresh flowers
which Ian’s mother, Beth, arranged for the whole day ,

and the people coming across the states, PA, CO, IN, NY, OH and so on, are all blessed.