Independence Day

I pulled my car over in order to take photographs on my way to the library.
The American flags on people’s houses waved beautifully in the wind in a small Ohio town.

Many years ago, before the attack, I went to New York on a trip with my family,

and found the Japanese flag at the World Trade Center.
I still remember I was glad as a child and it somehow uplifted me.

My father used to raise the flag on public holidays and at New Year.

Today, however, we hardly see the flag around residential areas in Japan.
Indeed, it would be very difficult to find such a stranger country
We would not be able to love another country without loving each motherland
as we cannot love others without loving ourselves.

On July 4th, I love American people’s spirit of patriotism

and am happy to see the flags on the street,
and even the people with their funny outfits and all the humorous paraphernalia.

Watching the pleasant moments,

certainly I know I am being nurtured here to enrich myself emotionally and intellectually
by the Rising Sun and the Stars & the Stripes.