Hutterite Community

America is the greatest in all fields
Boundless fields and ranches
Private jet airports and luxury cruise ships
Vanderbilt Estate, with its fully equipped bowling alley, indoor swimming pool and gyms,
and sauna in the basement
However, the scale of The Hutterite Brethren is beyond my imagination,
like the American prototype of capitalism

More meticulously calculated projects based on a certain theory and wisdom
Windbreaks formed by well-planted deciduous trees and evergreens,
visually appealing and practical

Heating and a hot water supply for 150 households through underground piping
More than 200 commercial wind turbines to supply power
Huge immaculately clean baby turkey and pig barns to sell wholesale to Walmart and others
Highly organized metal and mechanic shops and wood cabin factories

People have breakfast at home, then dine together for lunch and dinner
in the community dining room except Wednesday and Sunday nights.
Buffet style meals are well-balanced and delicious

Children receive an education within the community, from kindergarten to high school
The classes are small and there is a close relationship between the students and teachers
The curriculum is compatible with the American education syllabus,
and an additional bible class is given
They learn science, and foreign languages as English students.

High technology, except for personal computers and games,
integrates with
 a modest and simple life with Christian ethics and plain clothing
It’s a world of its own !


I would like to gratefully thank the host family, Leonard and Dora.
I really enjoyed warm hospitality, cozy and peaceful accommodation, conversations,
breakfast, tea time and Leonard’s lovely music.
They took care of me feel like I was at home.
Furthermore, Dora gave me her hand knitted socks and kitchen goods.

I hope to see you again.