Go Green !

Daily casual dishes for the family are stainless steel plates and bowls.
It’s a really practical idea for avoiding having the little children
cut their fingers or break expensive dishes.

I agree why Emmi, 5, had already washed dishes with her elder sister last year.


Michael always tries to find even a tiny piece of plastic in the garden
because it is dangerous for the children with their bare feet and also doesn’t biodegrade.
So, I cannot find any plastic items here, unlike in an English family.


He likes having a sustainable environment to protect the earth.
His organic farming makes use of composting kitchen waste, hay, rye, wheats
and underground water for fertilizer.

Moreover, he strews flour on the field instead of pesticide
when he finds a wild rabbit eating young cabbages.


Since my mother never used synthetic detergent and tried to choose natural or additive-free
foods, naturally my way of life is basically organic, and furthermore,
I came to consider it as more important since I became a parent.


I’m not interested in a fancy car and an estate home,
and my concern is just natural foods and a comfortable environment
as the most important elements for a healthy life.