German Baptist Conference

I participate in a German Baptist Conference with the family.
One of the ministers told us about the bible being a spiritual awakening.
Its interpretation is truly impressive for me
because the concept of Zen Philosophy is just the same:


Why we live, how we should be and where our happiness is.
Our life might be a journey to find the meaning of life
and we might be tested in order to find the answer in selflessness.

Here there is no hierarchical system as the ministers
and the people share the moment.
The young are singing pleasantly in chorus.

While watching the togetherness of these people,
I feel their love for God strengthen and make their minds positive.

As someone typically Japanese, no certain religious belief,
I tend to reflect on myself at the end of the day, just as a kind of light meditation.


We can find a lot of churches even in a tiny rural village in the U.S.
Now I clearly understand how the old tradition of meeting at church
in the western world functions gracefully and powerfully.