Gender Role

Rachel and children came from PA.
Indeed, women work hard to help with chores even when visiting another home.
I watched her canning chickens for a while.

The third son, Hans, 8, of the Harris family helped her
to measure chopped chickens and put them into the bottles.
There is caring for younger siblings, farming, preparing and washing dishes,
washing and drying clothes in the air etc.

All the children, Amish, Mennonite , German Baptist and Hutterite do thing the same way.

Canning is one of important chores for the women and they preserve a lot of vegetables ,
fruits, meats and juices and keep them on the shelves in the basement.

Beside Rachel, her eldest daughter Victoria was sewing a dress.
My mother is also very good at sewing.
One day, when I was ten, I complained to my mom about her handmade new dress for me.
There was only two hours left before going out, though,
she tried to sew a nice dress without any complaints.

Too many years have passed since then, and now I know how selfish I was.

Definitely, those days are so limited.
Now I feel things as a mom and that’s
why I admire and respect the children and cannot hold a candle to them.

That old memory turned out to be a precious musical box that warmed my heart.
Women working brings back for me the good old days!