Easter ias a very important event for the family.
Every year in this season, I would see the fliers for egg hunts for children
at the community ground or the malls,  so it’s new for me to realize
what a sacred and joyous time this is to share among the people.
Easter is a time for celebration of new life.


The bunnies come out, the birds hatch,
and we can hear the sounds of peepers and crickets at night.
Spring has come.

Burning Christmas wreathes reminds me of  tradition Japanese ceremony on January 15,

Dondo bonfire, burning New Year’s ornaments to wish good health.


They say decorating eggs is an ancient Christian tradition as a symbol of life,
and the five girls of the family enjoy painting hard boiled eggs for Easter morning,
and hanging painted eggs on branches for festive flair.


Many guests, around 50, including from out of state, Kentucky, Virginia,
came to celebrate Easter together.

It’s gave me a glimpse of people’s life with the Lord.