Deer in Ohio -When in Rome, do as the Roman do-

A guy said that he hit a deer on a country road in the early morning.
Then someone who happened to be there asked him if he might be allowed to have the deer.
They say deer that have grown up surrounded by the vast corn fields
and eaten it are very tasty.


On the other hand, according to the paper,
in Japan a curry and rice chain offered deer meat after there had been an extermination.
Recently, in many residential areas in Japan, also in suburban Boston ,
deer are a cause of social unrest due to their link with
severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome.


Here in Ohio one day, the children called me to come and see a deer in the soybean fields.
Unfortunately, I’m nearsighted, so couldn’t see it far-off across 90 acres of fields.
Also, suddenly a baby deer crossed in front of my car, and I broke into a cold sweat.


The people of Ohio don’t know about deer bringing destructive problems.
Oh, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!


By the way, it’s very interesting to read the explanation in the Driver License Guide Book
about what to do in case you hit a deer.

-If you hit a deer ad cause its death you may take possession of the deer by law,
as long as you report the collision to a
game protector or other law enforcement officer within 24 hours.
the protector of officer will then investigate and issue
a certificate entitling you to the carcass. It is illegal to take a deer carcass without reporting it-