Bride’s Favorite Word

I asked the bride to suggest some favorite words for making the couple’s wedding album.
She answered with several, and above all one phrase captured my heart:
Love keeps no record of wrongs‘ from the bible’s 1st Corinthians.

I agree with her because no one is perfect and forgiveness is essential,
just as the bible says: ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged.’
However, it’s too sad that some people I know dump responsibilities on to others.

I like a person who doesn’t make excuses for him or herself.
I have seen nice American young people who explore their own ways in life without complaint,
and face their difficulties.

I really admire them, unlike children who have been spoiled by parents
taking care of tuition, graduation trips, weddings & honeymoons,

some of the downpayment for a new house and so on, in Japan.

We might allow judgement only for someone who has committed a violent crime
such as murder or rape, who has harmed children, women or the elderly,
or failed in terms of ethics and showing compassion for defenceless animals.
We come to realize  our own strengths and weaknesses from puberty onwards,
and keep making efforts to improve our weaknesses, little by little.

Making a terrible mistake does not constitute shame for us.

Rather, human value should be determined by regretting what one has done is,
as in Shakespeare’s ‘All’s Well That Ends Well.’

As a silly ordinary person, I would not mellow with age like a beautiful red wine.
Alas, I might not attain a deeper mental state of selflessness
while having ‘kleshas’ and anxieties.

If am asked, however, about the pros and cons of aging,
I would say one positive thing is being more generous
and having more empathy for others as a result of encounters and experiences.
I recognize and appreciate so much how people have helped me survive,
and I appreciate this year by year.