Amish Country Store

We enjoyed a visit to an Amish store in Bellefontaine.
The owner of the store says that he doesn’t lock up his store.
If people steal, they may as well come in the right way instead of breaking in,
and it costing more for the repair than the value of what they stole.
However, this could be his sense of humour, and, in truth, there are no such mean people here.
There are lots of expensive products and food at the entrance and the exit.
People around me, too, say the same thing;
you don’t need to worry about leaving the door open when you go out.

When I lived in Miami, where the subculture was mainstream,
I had to use a club steering wheel lock due to vehicle theft,
despite most people being Christians.

How wonderful county life is !

Cheers for the nice people of Ohio !